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BST Metal Detectable Plastic Handl Scraper

BST Detectable Products

Detectable products are designed to address the problem of plastic and rubber particles contaminating food and pharmaceutical production lines. Detectable products are manufactured from special polymers that contain evenly dispersed additives giving the polymer magnetic properties. Hence the advantage of detectability as a metal contaminant when used in conjunction with a metal detector or x-ray inspection system. Detectable products can be used as part of your HACCP process.

Why use Detectables?

  • Detectable products show due diligence appropriate to a food production environment
  • Detectable products can be used as part of BRC and HACCP procedures
  • Detectable products are cost effective
  • Detectable products help to eliminate the risk of foreign body contamination

Detectable Product Information

BST Metal Detectable Pens, Detectapen Metal, X-Ray, Detectable, Knives, Jugs, Scoops, Shovels, Scrapers, Boxes Metal, X-Ray, Detectable, Safety Knives, Brushes, Hammers, Cable Ties
Metal, X-Ray, Detectable, Hairnets, MobCaps, Beard Net, Beard Snood, Ear Plugs Detectable First Aid Plasters Metal Detectable, Loop Tags, Asset Tags, Keyhole Tags
Metal Detector Test Pieces Food Industry Metal, X-Ray, Detectable, Engineering, Lubracation, Aerosols, LPS, Silicone, Nitrile, Seals, Gaskets, Rubber, Sunction Cups, Depanner, Belts Antibacterial, Pens, Stationery, Antimicrobial, Germ, Resistant

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