Contaminant Control - Official Distributor of BST Detectable Products  
BST high strength metal detectable plastic shovel

Grid Magnets

Your product, customer and machinery are potentially at risk from ferrous and para-magnetic contaminants!

Where from?

Raw materials

Packaging (Staples, blades, paper clips, nails, screws)

Machinery (Nuts, bolts, washers)

Plant wear & tear (Sub micron)


Contaminant Control are experienced in the supply of high strength, rare earth grid magnets to remove coarse and fine (sub-micron) ferromagnetic and paramagnetic contaminant particles. Magnets reduce these foreign body risks for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers without compromising hygiene or safety. We also supply to plastics & recycling companies.

Can you afford not to have magnetic protection in place?

Minimise the risk of product recall, a damaged reputation and a reduced order book!

Standard Options

  1. Grid-Mag
    Standard grids are 100mm - 500mm
  2. Boxed-Mag
    Available in customised housings
  3. Quick & Easy-Mag
    Easy to clean
  4. Line-Mag
    For pneumatic lines
  5. Fluid-Mag
    For liquids
  6. Bar-Mag
    For conveyor lines, forklifts etc
  7. Tanker-Mag
    Tanker delivery protection

Magnet Selection - What do we need to know?

  • Location - where in your process?
  • Access?
  • Nature & size of contaminant?
  • How much contaminant?
  • Material Type - free flowing?
  • Throughput?
  • Pipe / Aperture Size?
  • Gravity or pressure / vacuum application?

Download the BST Contaminant Control Brochure