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Magnet Testing

"The type , location and strength of magnets shall be fully documented. Documented procedures shall be in place for the inspection , cleaning , strength testing and integrity checks. Records of all checks shall be maintained . "

This is an extract from BRC Issue 6 (Section 4.10.4) which specifically covered magnets for the first time in January 2012.

As an Irish company we can offer a prompt, independent and competitively priced on-site magnet testing & appraisal service to satisfy your BRC obligations. Half or full day rates are available.

What's included?

  • Gauss reading check (from the magnet surface)
  • Physical check on condition
  • Written report
  • Test certificate
  • Photographs
  • Copy of gaussmeter calibration paperwork
  • Re-test reminder

How often should a magnet be tested?

Typically annually but this varies according to your preference or requirements.

What do we need to know?

  • Your location
  • Type of magnets
  • Quantity
  • Accessibility
  • Time scale

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